Santo Sgrò

Santo Sgrò (percussion and toys) played at the Festival de Nyon with  “Poca Fera Band”. Influenced by drummer Christophe Marguet, played with Manuel Sanchez (Cuba) and with “Bande à Milou”, the trio “Apertura Facile” and his own project “Andata e Ritorno”. Currently, his main projects are a jazz trio with Thomas Danzeisen and Brooks Giger, “bandella vista mare” and “Pierino e i lupi”.


Paolo Botti

Paolo Botti (viola, banjo, trumpet, …) is well known in the scenes of jazz and improvised music. He worked with: Franco D’Andrea, Bruno Tommaso, Giorgio Gaslini, Dave Liebman, Tristan Honsinger Dave Burrell, William Parker and many others. With the trio “Leaping Fish” and his own projects “Paolo Botti  Quartet” and ‘La Fabbrica dei Botti’ he played in importante italian festivals as Clusone Jazz, Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz, Metastasio Jazz, Una Striscia di Terra Feconda at Rome. 

Simone Mauri

Simone Mauri (bass clarinet) studied the clarinet and then get a specialist of the bass clarinet. He played with Lester Bowie, Claudio Fasoli, Mario Arcari, Tiziano Tononi, Stefano Bagnoli, Keith & Julie Tippet, Gabriele Mirabassi, Chris Cutler, Gianluigi Trovesi, Beppe Caruso, Giovanni Falzone, Ferdinando Faraò.

Peter Zemp

Peter Zemp (piano, accordion, toy piano, composition) played improvised music with “Andata e Ritorno”, Jazz with Tito Pescia and Giorgio “Ginger” Poggi and Zeno Gianolas “Trio Quatar”; folk with “Veranda”, “Trio in Carpione”. His most recent project is “bandella vista mare”.

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